Body MOT

Cellular Health & Nutrition

A full lifestyle analysis

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  • Are you struggling with your energy levels?
  • Have you tried countless nuttitional plans, diets and never managed to find the balance your body needs?
  • Take simple tests to determine your cellular function
  • Discover if your body is too acidic
  • Free your mind and body – create more energy & a zest for life
  • Work with me to make Key Lifestyle changes to your diet: write your own plan with the aid of a food chart.

YOUR JOURNEY TO IMPROVED HEALTH: A Body MOT Lifestyle Analysis is the beginning of a journey to improved health, under the guidance of Jane, a Body MOT Coach. You will be maximizing your time and effort. If you are unsure where you are going wrong with your weekly nutrition, need more vitality / energy or simply want to improve your physical performance the MOT is the perfect starting block.


THE ANALYSIS & TESTS: The analysis looks at your lifestyle habits and the possible consequences these are having on your health. Tests include:

  • Blood Pressure
  • Ph & Urine Tests
  • Mineral Taste Tests
  • Peak Flow, Heart Rate
  • Body Composition
  • Dynamic Joint & Muscle Tests

CONCLUSION & AIMS: Every journey starts with a great idea that formulates to a faultless plan with a clear understanding of where you are beginning from and where you are going to. After your test you will receive a written, detailed conclusion and a plan of action (via email). Its then up to you to take action – Jane will be available for support during the first 6 – 8 weeks after which time you will be invited to take another MOT to see (if you have not already felt) the health benefits.

Should you wish to book a Body MOT there are a few Prerequisites to the Lifestyle Analysis. Please click onto the link below to open the document:

BMOT Prerequiste to Lifestyle Analysis

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Please note:

I am not a doctor or therapist and will not diagnose or treat illness nor injuries – if you have either of these and have not seen a doctor or physio you will need to do so before booking a Body MOT with me.