Body Assessment

Are you suffering from muscular pain?

Listen to your body and its mechanical make up…..Arrange an intrinsic biomechanical assessment to:

Screen sheet and Links Man - describing the dysfunction
  • Establish areas of mechanical weakness & dysfunction
  • Discover muscle imbalance and ascending or descending kinetic issues
  • Learn Muscle energy techniques (METs) to release
  • Practice a realistic corrective exercise plan
Up Dog Bones
  • genetic issues
  • poor technique
  • posture problems
  • inadequate rehabilitation
  • constant low back pain
  • stress & breathing issues

3 STEPS TO ASSESSMENT: – Using assessments of the shoulders, spine, pelvis, ankle, nerves and muscles I can determine whether you have any biomechanical issues that could be causing repeat injury. If you experience pain when running, sitting at your desk or working out in the gym I can establish whether that pain has a cause. Are you looking for a solution to perform a particular sporting or physical task to a higher degree? Manage your pain, release your dysfunction and move more freely.


METs: – Muscle Energy Techniques are a form of osteopathic treatment in which you the patient actively contracts specific muscles again a resistance applied by myself. I can begin to help you correct your dysfunctional muscles by releasing and restoring normality. You will leave with a library of release techniques to practice daily.


EXERCISE PROGRAMME: – I will prescribe an exercise programme – influenced by yoga to help eradicate the dysfunction identified. I will advise how to balance your body from the outside to the inside and provide you with a detailed Plan of Action. You may also purchase a health and wellness journal to record your daily routine

Simply magic! Who would have thought my shoulder pain was due to my knee injury. Simple exercises that fit easily into everyday life completely removed my shoulder pain and allowed my body to move more freely. Yoga became easier and my forward fold increased by several inches. I religiously carried out the recommended exercises and after 1 – 2 weeks found that my muscles relaxed to allow my body to move. Amazing everyone should do it!

Thank you Jane

– Helen Jarrett – Director @

Please note:

I am not a doctor or therapist and will not diagnose or treat injuries – if you have an injury and have not seen a doctor or physio you will need to do so before booking an intrinsic biomechanical screen.