Martin Haines RGRT MCSP SRP MBCA, Biomechanics Coach

CEO – iMoveFreely®

Jane is one of the most passionate people in the fitness industry I have ever met. Her knowledge in group fitness is excellent and her thirst for more knowledge is amazing. In her classes you will receive the latest in scientific evidence to help you achieve your goals in super-fast time but in a really fun and friendly way. Jane also provides one-to-one sessions for you too, where she can assess you to see if she can iron out any weak links to help improve your performance on the track and on the sports field; and if you are being active in the office or at home she can help prepare you for that too.

If you are lucky enough to get a place in one of Jane’s classes you will be sure to get the best of the best.

Dr. Naomi Manser


I love everything about Jane’s yoga sessions! Jane is such a positive, welcoming, relaxed and knowledgeable teacher that it is hard not to want to keep coming back each week! She is always pleased to see people, both brand new and old, and I’ll never forget in my first session (when I was a little apprehensive and nervous) she knew exactly who I was and made me feel completely at home. She had even remembered all of my medical history, including a significant knee injury, and she continues to amend certain poses for me to stop any strain. It basically feels like you’re getting 1:1 attention with Jane, even though it’s a group class!

I feel amazing after Jane’s classes. A perfect combination of energised, calm, capable and strong. Before I started Jane’s classes I had felt a “disconnection” between my mind and body, but I now have a developing connection between the two and this is strengthened and nurtured week by week. I even practice yoga at home as it makes me feel so good!
I love the way Jane incorporates yoga qualities into fitness and anatomical terms. This holistic approach really enables me to gain more than “just relaxation” from yoga. I can notice my physical strength, flexibility and fitness improving along with my mindfulness, breathing and general wellbeing.

Ian Parry – Body MOT Client

Director www.trulawn.co.uk

If you have any interest in understanding how well your body is functioning and want to maximise your overall health I would thoroughly recommend a visit to Jane.
Not only will you get to understand details of your own body composition but by understanding your own personal mineral levels Jane offers sound nutritional advice which ensures individuals maximise the benefits of the food they eat.

Jane has an infectious enthusiasm for the process which makes it very enjoyable!

Jayne Nicholls

Group X Training

I thoroughly enjoy working with Jane as she throws herself into every opportunity and embraces each new concept. I know that in 3 months time she will send me an email with a new idea or a fresh opinion on what we do. She is a fitness inspiration.

Penny Metcalf


It is like fruit and chocolate at the same time. I know it is doing me good but it feels good too. It makes me feel stronger physically and gives me an hour out of the day to focus on myself and my own needs. It is a treat at the same time as being beneficial.

I feel a million dollars after the class. I feel that I have achieved something (when it goes well!) because the class is a challenge. I feel that my shoulders are lower and my core is tighter and my mind is calmer. I organise my working week around getting to at least one class.

You’re a star. Your classes are great, you are funny, your body is inspirational, you are great with the people in the lessons, you are brilliant at creating something that is challenging and beneficial for people at all levels of fitness. Your classes are affordable, accessible and beneficial to everyone. You should feel very proud of yourself.

Vicki Taylor

1-2-1 Client

I love my 1-2-1 sessions and classes with Jane, she is an inspiration to me. She’s so positive and passionate in everything she does I wouldn’t be the way I am without her and her classes. I always feel amazing after her sessions I wish I could do them every morning to set me up for the day. I find the way the classes are conducted are brilliant and easy to understand and I love the fact every class is different and beneficial to me! Thank you.

Kevin Nicholson

Hewlett Packard Employee

A hour away from work where I don’t have to think – I’m told what to do. Compared to other forms of exercise that I do (running/cycling etc) there is no wimping out halfway through, I don’t need to worry about which way to go next, there is no pace, heart rate, distance to worry about.

It’s also a good time to learn. I think being given the reason “why” we are doing particular moves helps a great deal, how parts of the body are connected

Definitely helped to restore some of the flexibility I have lost over the years through not stretching properly after running.

Richard Palmer

Yoga & Retreat client

Jane run the most enjoyable retreat. She lets everybody challenge themselves up to their own ability. Definitely booking the next one! Richard